Reserve Canopy – DIAMONDcross ST light

Reserve Canopy – DIAMONDcross ST light

Reserve canopy

The first steerable rescue system for absolutely everyone!

Even with complete passivity of the pilot, it has no disadvantages compared to non-steerable reserves.


  • Just like conventional cross canopies, the DIAMONDcross after opening initially enters a stall with vertical sinking. This reliably prevents a downplane position of the reserve.
  • The S-shaped profile of the DIAMONDcross canopy provides a high righting moment and ensures that the paraglider is quickly unloaded and dives down. This prevents the risk of a stable shear position between the reserve and the paraglider, facilitates pulling in the paraglider and even allows the unhooking of one riser with Pinlock or conventional carabiners.
  • Due to different line lengths, the base of the DIAMONDcross is fanned out in a zigzag pattern. This significantly accelerates the air intake into the canopy. However, it is associated with a substantially higher production effort.
  • Effective reduction of the risk of of entanglements with the main glider: The lines of the DIAMONDcross are made longer, so that the canopy opens approximately in the radius of the main glider and not within reach of the paraglider lines.
  • Soft Dyneema line material enables steering even with multiple twists.
  • The inner container has been developed on the G-Force Trainer and features an extra compartment for the lines; it is available for both integrated and front containers.
  • The ultra-fine woven and waterproof finished fabric allows minimal weight and packing volume with sufficient robustness.
  • Although the packing method of the DIAMONDcross is slightly different from that of a conventional cross canopy, it does not involve more effort.

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Reserve Canopy – DIAMONDcross ST light

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