3RS BASE canopy

3RS BASE canopy

The best lightweight rescue canopy on the market

Specially designed for the 3RS harness to be used ONLY as a base rescue canopy.

The 3RS BASE canopy is a brand new ultra-lightweight rescue canopy specifically built for Acro paragliding. It  is completely made out of PN9 material*.

Available sizes for 3RS Base canopy: 225,which fits the M size harness and 245, which fits the L/XL size. You may order other sizes by request if needed. Currently we have stock available in size 245.

NEW Delivery time:  13 weeks for production or 1-2 weeks if available on stock.

3RS design features:

  • Made completely from lightweight PN9 fabric
  • 3D shaped PN9 lightweight leading edge
  • Dacron 400lbs lines
  • Continuous Dacron brake lines
  • MDV3 as standard (3 bottom skin vents)
  • Soft links

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3RS BASE canopy

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