Pants 4 Life

Pants for life #pants4life is a multi-functional sport equipment and street-wear.

A perfect geometry ultralight harness is fitted in the structure of the pants. This integrated tool allows you to enjoy various attachments such as double or single point, in favour of different occasions such as air sports, rappelling, snow kite, industrial or rescue operations etc.

We took extra care with some of the air sport applications of the pаnts such as the inflation system for skydiving or base jumping. Easy pop up intakes with rigid support and air lock valve, pressurised in double chamber system and adjustable volume size.


  • Modular integrated harness with unique adjustable setting for custom position of each supporting point as well as attachment heights.
  • The modules are 3 different ergonomic and unique hammocks, one for each leg, one for the bottom and a specialized belt.
  • The harness also provides a flawless ‘soft 3 ring system’ for cutaways in an environment such as paragliding / BASE jumping etc.
  • Adjustable volume size of the leg part, by a hidden zip, for max performance in tracking or simply more baggy style while skiing or snowboarding etc.The entire harness is easy to install and remove and most amazingly to adjust it as a unique custom size!
  • Unique comfort and wing control when snow kiting, perfect for long sessions or high jumps out in the wild.
  • The rope of the harness is made of Dyneema® SK99 fiber which is the newest and most innovative fiber. It is the strongest grade of Dyneema® – strong as steel, 10 times lighter than steel, 3-4 % elongation and low creep.


  • Ultralight and waterproof
  • Made by recycled materials
  • Sympatex is 100% climate neutral membrane
  • Rope: Dyneema® SK99

* Received an ISPO Award Nominee 

The idea behind the development of the product is to have a tool in your daily life or adventures where you are always prepared to clip in, have fun or simply support you in an extreme situation etc.   

Pants 4 Life

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