3rs Acro harness

3rs Acro harness

The most advanced acro paragliding harness.
Developed and flown by the industry’s top athletes.

Unique Features:
– Slick design
– Cutaway BASE system
– 2 x rescue parachute containers
– Dedicated zipper rooting for each bridle line
– High tech, ultralight materials
– One of a kind shoulder support system
– One of a kind side- and front- ribs support system
– Tailor-made non-release side buckles
– Camera stick mounts
– Carbon backplate and seat + ergonomic foam
– Waterproof storage pocket
– Multiple gear pockets

Included in base price:
– Seat plate (non-carbon)
– 2x Base risers and D-bag with bridle
– 2x rescue bridles
– 2x 20KN soft shackles for BASE canopy
– 2x shackle carabiner
– 3x rescue handles

Available additions soon:
– FTE BASE parachute

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3rs Acro harness


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Available to ship 1-4 weeks
Delivery for Europe approx 2-5 workdays, other countries up to 10 days