NEW 3RS 2023 Acro base harness

NEW 3RS 2023 Acro base harness

The most advanced acro paragliding harness.
Developed and flown by the industry’s top athletes.

NEW Features:

  • Unique 3-Ring Cutaway BASE system (best evolution in paragliding base harnesses so far)
  • Improved rescue parachute deployment  (pull out from any angle with least force)
  • Nicely dedicated zipper rooting for each bridle line
  • Carbon seat board adjusted and even lighter. The shape gives even better weight shift effect and comfort
  • Chassis geometry is changed for maximum support in flying tricks (unstable in curve) and stable in straight flight
  • More durable, strong, UV protected and waterproof materials
  • Thicker special foam protector 17cm
  • Rescue handle pocket, when doing flipped tricks
  • Camera stick mounts:
  • Better action cam angle attachments

More Features:

  • Slick design
  • Quick attachment and detachment of the BASE risers/canopy
  • High tech, ultralight materials
  • One of a kind shoulder support system
  • One of a kind side ribs support system
  • Tailor-made non-release side buckles
  • Carbon backplate and seat + ergonomic foam
  • BASE canopy attachment point at the 3 ring level
  • Carbon side plates
  • Multiple gear pockets
  • Front pocket dedicated for a hook knife

* The cutaway handle is placed on the LEFT side. Should you wish to have it on the right side – just drop us an e-mail to let us know:

Included in base price:
The full harness setup with plates, soft links, handles, base d-bag, bridles and more.

– Base canopy

– Main fabric
– Signal color (=safety attachment points, rescue handles)
– Details color (=middle stripe in the seat + decorative seams)

If you need additional spare equipment, please add it easily to your basket.
You are not sure if you fit well in the harness? Get in touch with our pro athletes and they are happy to help you with the right size model.
Now you fell in love with the 3RS? …What are you waiting for? Invest in your safety and training.
Oh, you like it very much but you need another color or size? Stay tuned for custom colors and sizing in the near future.

*The announced prices do not include VAT. For EU-customers the VAT of the respective European country will be applied.

NEW 3RS 2023 Acro base harness

excl. VAT

Bordeaux Red
Dark Gray
Light Gray
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Size M: Size L:
Harness weight: 5.3 kg with all extras except the BASE canopy. Harness weight: 5.7 kg with all extras except the BASE canopy.
Pilot height: 157 cm to 178 cm Pilot height: 175 cm to 190 cm
Pilot weight: 60 – 80 kg Pilot weight: 70 – 90 kg
Main attachment point height: 43 cm. Main attachment point height: 44.5 cm.
Seat plate specs: front edge 32 cm / back edge 35 cm / length 39.5 cm. Seat plate specs: front edge 35 cm / back edge 37 cm / length 46 cm.
Back plate panel: Length 60 cm Back plate panel: Length 64 cm
BASE canopy fitting range: 150-245 BASE canopy fitting range: 170-255
Ultralight canopy: up tp 255 Ultralight canopy: up to 265

Delivery time: 8-10 weeks
When in stock: 1-3 weeks

Shipment in Europe is included in the price of the harness. Delivery for Europe approximately 5 working days.

Delivery to other countries is charged additionally and can take up to 14 days.

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