"I’ve been using the 3RS for а while now and I can say that the comfort and security it brings to the sport is something never achieved before. It fits like a glove. Not creating parasite moves as it stays compact around the pilot. The production is done with the best materials on the market, a Ferrari of Aerobatics!"

Horacio Llorens

An Aerobatic Paragliding World record holder and 10 times Acro World Cup champion.

"The most innovative and dedicated harness to Aerobatics out there! Having it in the sky feels like an epic video game with lots of options to keep pushing and remain safe!"

Veso Ovcharov

A World record holder for most Infinity Tumblings.

"I have flown the 3RS harness for aerobatics including all other types of flights and I feel totally comfortable and protected. I am happy to be able to work on the development and promotion of the 3RS - a revolutionary idea that makes us fly safer."

Raúl Rodríguez

Inventor of the Infinity Tumbling, 5x World Champion and 6x Acro World Cup Champion

"This harness is a step ahead in every aspect—it's incredibly comfortable, safe and allows me to stay in the air for hours without any interruption. The seatboard, made of kevlar and carbon fiber, is remarkably resistant yet incredibly lightweight."

Bicho Carrera

Acro Paragliding World Champion