World Record attempt

In 2017 September Veso attempt it few times: one time from low altitude 4500m. and set the second biggest number 397 turns. In the very next day went up to 6800m but the winds wore to high, up to 35 knots. However he jumped exhausted still from the day before, unluckily the wing was out of control and he couldn't manage to make it , see pictures bellow. 2018 1st of August was looking  perfect according to the weather conditions in north Bulgaria. Veso came back from Spain with the plan to set new Infinity World Record for most turns. The previous one is still in hold of Horacio Llorens 568 turns in Guatemala 2012. This time Veso took in consideration the weather conditions and also chose to fly with brand new wing 16m2 from SOL Paragliders Sonic 3DX in good shape for the maneuver. They raised up with the hot air balloon to 7000m with his team Rosen Kasabov from club Adrenalin and Ilko Iliev ( Ivan Dimitrov ground support ) . A record altitude, no human being is been flying infinity tumbling ever that high! Everything was promising till the moment Veso enter the maneuver. He found that the glider was performing still terribly bad and unstable. Manage to keep it for 120 turns with risking his neck and life in general 'Never been in a washing machine like that, so much punches in the head" then the glider slide out to anty rithmic - spiral. Unknown way the wing was sliding out all the time - to only one direction! Left? he was forced to correct almost each turn, unable to rest in the high G's. Veso decides to enter the mauver one more time before is to low for the record. Same think happen with no success. He end up out of the maneuver after 80 turns completely exhausted. See more from the adventure bellow: 20017 Attempt 2018 Attempt