World Cup XC

At the very next day the World Cup start, same place Sopot, it became a bit of a flying maraton for those who wore in the Bulgarian Championship such as Veso and Yassen Savov, who actually won the competition. Both bulgarian pilots Veso and Yassen wore very warm up and ready for the big race! Weather was getting a bit more funky with stronger north winds and pretty rough conditions :) However the race start and the level was higher than ever no second or third group during the tasks most of the days one huge gugle of 120 pilots fighting for each meter and second.. The seven days was  exhausting with long and tricky tasks, some of them completely new as routes in the area. Veso was performing incredibly well for his no experience background last 10 years, managing to keep the very first pilots and doing goals constantly in the first top 15. Very unfortunate problem kill down his score as the gps he was using didn't make turn point along the rout two times in a roll! So he waste his chance to finish among the best top 15 However the competition was inspiring for all pilots and motivation for the next one, stay tuned :) After the last task Veso perform an acro show for the prize giving ceremony. See some epic moments from the comp: