06.12.2014 One of the most wanted places Spitzcoppe give us chance to score nice with few hours of air time acro session and burning sunset, then we got another good chance to discover Mad Max Mountain rising up out of the desert for more then 1000m. which left us inspired for even more, with the hard access of hiking and stone climbing on the way to an imaginary take off :) 02.12.2014 Lately we manage to score unique location in Sossusvlei area with sunset sinchro acro session surround by lots of wild life... Then the team head up north for more quiet conditions potentially, but find not more then just remote small hills and lots of animals... Currently we are back at the west coast after nearly 40000km. looking for something even greater mountain 2600m. 27.11.2014 after one week  traveling and  more then 2000km. around Namibia the team manage to visit 3 epic locations already and fly most of them, even with the blasting winds which challenge everyone.. see some cool shots below! Weather conditions forcing the team to go Africa for warm air and endless dunes and wind.. 15.11.2014 currently in stage of preparing, see below some cool support from our sponsors