18.12.2014 The movie about Hawaii project is now done! check out the Trailer below and see the full version soon at www.fly-again.org  


Finally we get to start a dream project in Hawaii including adventure shooting ACRO in various islands the team planing to spend almost 50 days in the area ! :) 07.10.2013 Day one full of excitement and acro around Oahu, check out some pics from :) 08.10.2013 Day two another epic day in Kahana with more altitude and more acro :) finish the day with some kite session and storm what a day... 15.10.2013 Last few days the team get really use to the paradise lifestyle don't even get close to internet or so :D just flying and some cool skydive sessions thanks to our buddy Carson Klein we get most of the team jumping and some of them make even the course :D Next days target is the combination Acro BASE lets see what the conditions will offer ;) 16.10.2013 Back in the sky with some cool acro session with Petar Loncar 25.10.2013 After almost 10 days of non stop flying in Oahu and Maui the team get some new members as well getting ready for the most epic part ! The sunset acro session above the clouds ! :) Take a look some of the view around on the photos below. 04.11.2013 The Vulcan Haleakala in Maui is been giving quite a lot of good moments for the team last days... Soon the mission will be Napali Coast in Kauai. check out some photos below :) 14.11.2013 The dream come true ! we manage to fly in the most stunning island Kauai - Napali Coast after being week stuck with difficult conditions. Finally the magic happens and we did the first acro flight ever over there ! the way out was not less exciting hike out 21 kilometers with 23 kg bags :D 19.12.2013 After the team left to Europe I decide to stay for better conditions and work on some unique shots at Maui and Oahu, finally the weather allow me to see the real beauty of this islands from high above with clear sky view, it was just epic... find out some pictures bellow to see and share :)