Trailer FLY AGAIN from FLYTHEEARTH on Vimeo. more info at: After the active session we headed to Hawaii in search of new playing grounds and experiences. After 38 hours we landed and we were lucky to meet Gorge and Alex, part of the small but united paragliding community on the island. Amazing people, living their dreams on the island, enjoying its beauty and potential. Thanks to our new friends we had our first flight at Oahu, this place gave us so much joy, that we were anxious to seek for more, thankfully Gorge had a good plan how to do that! We visited his friend Tim, another amazing person with a big heart and hospitality. Despite of the bad conditions we got some help by the local Shaman and with her great chants our crew was in the paradise once again. Halakala volcano was conquered, we managed to get a window in-between 40 - 30 miles per hour wind and we took off for one of the most amazing flights above the most quiet place on Earth! The view and the conditions were so epic and mind-blowing that we even managed to land back at Tim`s bacheyard, smiling and excited we were welcomed once again in his lovely home. We had a few beers and we joked around that there should be an even better place to fly, and out of nowhere Tim said to us that this place exists and is called Kauai. Then we met Daniel, ensuring young athlete who has been living in Kauai for the past 13 years and has been scoping the island for proper takeoffs because as he said no onewas flying in this amazing place. Unfortunately Danny got injured at flight in Maui, although he waited for 10 years for his dream flight he never took the chance to fly there with his 15 year old equipment.
And here we are, astonished by the beauty of this amazing island but even more inspired by the story of Daniel about his dream, this was our boost to commit to the next challenge, achieving Dany s dream for him ! Kauai is the wettest place on Earth, we didn't expect so much rain, strong winds, or clouds. 8 days of waiting with our gear, under pouring rain almost made us quit, but at the very last they of our journey, we were rewarded with lets say good conditions to fly, and it happened, almost without wind we managed to take off from one of the sketchiest take offs we have ever had, and there we saw the paradise , the exsioty of our success and that we fulfill Dannies dream were a first time experience that made us so happy and rewarding! After this flight we knew we had to bring Daniel back in the sky , so we went to Maui and we managed to do it! Danny was so happy that he inspired us to make this movie for him, because in the end it was not the journey, but the people we have met. If you want you can help Daniel, we are raising a bank account for our friend so you can donate as much as you feel to so he can get back in the air by a trike motor, a device that will replace the need for running when taking off! Because flying is the only sport that a man can do even challenged like Danny!