El Yelmo 2010

El Yelmo is a film festival that started in the year 2000. It presents films related to various air sports, including paragliding. The event takes place in southern Spain every year in the summer. It attracts big crowds and numerous medias eager to show to their public the newest achievements in the air sports. The 2010 1st prize winner of the film festival was Infinity Himalaya - a film shot and performed by Veso Ovcharov and Horacio Llorens, directed by Petko Gylchev. At the festival Veso performed two acro flights jumping from a paratrike together with the legendary Rodriguez family and the world champion Horacio Llorens. - Location: El Yelmo, Spain - Date: 8-10.07.2011 - Audience: 5.000 + live; 1.000.000 + through media - Type: Show & Film Festival