Breaking World Record

At 20th of September Veso make new Iinfinity Tumbling World Record 613 turns! After 2x unsuccessful attempts 2017 and 1x in August 2018 he did give up. Was a long way to achieve that as many factors was influencing the record: Such as Weather conditions, equipment choice, team work for setting the hot air balloon in the right place of the country, and many more!   Veso 'Without my friends as a team I will never be able to do it! huge thanks to Ivan Dimitrov, Ilko Iliev, Rosen Kasabov, Yassen Kasabov, Marin Kafedjiski and Naso Ovcharov, Jeorge Atremiz and many more' 'This time I had a special reason to do it a dedication in the name of a special person :) also a perfect weather conditions and equipment ' Veso felt that this was still far from the limit of what's possible so next year plan is going up to 8k meters, stay tuned :) See more from the amazing flight: Short video of the day Full video of the 613 turns!   Some of the media outcome :