Art Space Acro show in Sofia 2012

Art Space is one of the most active and positive organizations in Bulgaria these days. They organize various cultural events in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The goal of the company is to let people share their extraordinary experiences in different areas (music, sports etc.) and to present them to the public. Veso Ovcharov and his friend Horacio Llorens (3 times Acro PG world champion) made the first ever in the history of Bulgaria acro show, over the National Palace of Culture- NDK in the center of Sofia. They jumped together from a para trike and performed different tricks, including the most attractive and extreme one - Infinite Tumbling. After the demonstration Veso and Horacio presented their film Infinity Himalaya. - Location: Sofia, Bulgaria - Date: 20.05.2012 - Audience: 5.000 live; 2.000.000 + trough media - Type: Show