World Acrobatic Championship

For second time in the history we have the chance to see World Championship of Acro, last one was decade ago in Swiss now 2016  happens in France Annecy People from 18 nations wore competing... Weather conditions match perfect and we had sun every day, which provide 7 competition days in a roll. A bit long and tricky compare to World Cup which is max 3 days. Having such a long competition make the flying challenge as by rule you cant repeat a maneuver you already did. That put every one to his limit to basicaly show and preform almost all existing tricks in the sport, bout sides: left and right. Veso Ovcharov was the only person representing Bulgaria and start quite well 1st day/Click here: 8th, and till the 5th day was/ Click here: 12th.  in the overall ranking having lots of his top colleagues behind. Impressive for the short preparation he has ( according to lack of good equipment during the last few seasons), just two weeks of training at Spain before the comp. Compare to his colleges who have been train hard for the last few years...  However during the competition he got a wired injury, which affect his flying in a bad way. Inflamed nerve of the wrist with huge pain and movement restriction of his arm. Thanks to the expert therapist on the event he could maintain the competition, but not at the same stage, which make him fall down the ranking.. As well The altitude which you got for your maneuvers was very various and random in some cases super pour 300m. some time even less which automatically take the chance of the pilots to preform their best maneuvers which require high altitude. That was the case of Veso who kept his best score maneuvers for the last days, when he was unfortunate to arrive with really low altitude :) However the event was a success and we like to congratulate the wieners Francois Ragolski and Christina Kolb World Championship Acrobatic from FLYTHEEARTH on Vimeo.