Quixada Brazil

Since long the state of Ceara Brazil is been attracting pilots from all over the world, including ‘flytheearth’ member veso ovcharov with the unlimited xc possibilities. 2015 finally gives chance to experience the place first hand. And as always feels different from any picture or video material.. The actuality is that this place is more than great and consistent about xc big distance flying. But not as easy and forgiving as you can imagine flatland flying normally is :-) The conditions variate and some days can offer relaxed flights. However the majority of the days during the high season are full of excitement, require serious preparation, good performance equipment and full commitment of the pilot. In order to cross over the vaas unlandable wild and remote areas which cover most of the terrain as well to avoid the multiple lee sides and rotors around the many middle sized mountains and small hills. Not likely any other place even such as big mountains Himalaya and Karakorum can be so challenging, when it come to high turbulence, few landings in general and strong winds which pushes you during the glides - from low 60/70 up to crazy 90/100+ km p.h. ground speed. Thermals strength variate from broken zeros in the morning to integrated ⅞+ during the day. But often the majority of the days offers more wind than strong thermals and low cloud base which makes you feel quite tide with max 1000m. or less in sections over the ground. During the 30 days at the place we seen and experienced lots of situations on the edge of safety and insanity :-) That makes you love the place in special way. Lots of bomb outs during the middle day crises was a struggle for Veso as the place is very tactical and and unforgiving if you try to skip thermal and fly faster as usual like in other place.   The first week offer Joyful flight along with acro mate Ondrej Prochazka together they fly with Tracer2 # 225km when they separate because of safety concern, they wore passing over willd area without spot device. Where Veso decide to turn back and land in civilization, but Ondrej pushes and finish with 290km distance over Pedro 2.   Next days wore even more challenging with lots of collapses and some unexpected behaviour of the glider, getting in to parachutal mood without much of things to do in that moment especially low over the ground. Veso experience one of his rare situation to crash into a forest recovering the glider just sm. before the impact! Good or bad luck that separate the teammates again when Ondrej continue and complete 320km over Piripiri.   Next week is been recovery for Veso as his shoulder was little hurt and painful. However after the recovery the struggle continue with other multiple bomb outs around 130th km. The very last day of his stay, he start together with another friend Kevin Philip from Swiss. And even that the day start late because of a cloud coverage and strong wind. They manage to complete together wing to wing 344km. Which is Veso’s personal best so far also a National Bulgarian record. The conditions wore not easy at all as the wind was pushing with more than 35km p.h. Most of the time also in a bad direction west of Piaui route with zero safe landing options. As well the cloud streets was disappearing and the bigger part of the flight 200km was in a blue sky without easy map read. As it expected after devoting 100% of your self, happy end came even that 400+ was not made, still the experience was precious... Flytheearth Quixada Brazil from FLYTHEEARTH on Vimeo.