3RS BASE by Atair Canopies

3RS BASE by Atair Canopies

The best lightweight rescue canopy on the market

Specially designed for the 3RS harness form Atair canopies.

The 3RS is a brand new ultra-lightweight rescue canopy specifically built for acro paragliding.

The 3RS rescue canopy is lighter than the previous rescue canopies Atair offered, as it is completely made out of PN9 material*.

The suspension lines used on 3RS are Dacron 400lbs made by CSR. The lower brake lines are 900lbs on the lower part and 400lbs at the top, made continuous (fishbone style), so that there are no loops at the cascades and so less chance of tension knots.

The leading edge is shaped using the same 3D technique as on the Vision WS, but instead of ZP made out of PN9 to make it even lighter.

It has 3 mini vents positioned in the middle of the canopy, between the B and C line attachment point for better pressurization during opening.

The 3RS has a great glide, is agile and fun to fly, a real pleasure to use, not just a way of getting to the ground. The response to toggle input is sharp, flying like a much smaller wing. The canopy performs well in deep brakes too.

3RS is designed to be used ONLY as a rescue canopy for the acro harness.

Available sizes for 3RS: 185, 205, 225, 235, 245, 255, 265, 275 and 285.

Please check with FTE team what size fits in your harness before purchase.

Delivery time:  17 weeks

3RS design features:

  • Made completely from lightweight PN9 fabric
  • 3D shaped PN9 lightweight leading edge
  • Dacron 400lbs lines
  • Continuous Dacron brake lines
  • MDV3 as standard (3 bottom skin vents)
  • Soft links




3RS BASE by Atair Canopies


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185, 205, 225, 235, 245, 255, 265, 275 and 285.

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