Pakistan Film Project

An upcoming documentary features a team of 4 people embarking on a unique journey to the vast and remote Hushe Valley in far North Pakistan. United by the shared passion of paraglide flying, they push the boundaries of their physical bodies, skills and techniques, to set a new altitude paragliding world record.   See Trailer ! Pakistan Episode 1 from Veso Ovcharov on Vimeo. PAKISTAN from Veso Ovcharov on Vimeo. Check out some photos from the expedition! :)

Over Hushe                       Photo by Stefan Iliev               Pilot - Veso Ovcharov         Glider - Sinergy 5

Photo by Stefan Iliev             Pilot - Veso Ovcharov          Glider - Sinergy 5

Near Masherbrum            Photo by Stefan Iliev          Pilot - Veso Ovcharov       Glider - Sincergy 5


Photo by Stefan Iliev             Pilot - Veso Ovcharov         Glider - Sinergy 5

Landing at Hushe              Photo by Stefan Iliev              Pilot - Veso Ovcharov

    Greeted by Little Karim              Photo by Stefan Iliev


     Video check at the hotel       Photo by Stefan Iliev



  Veso Oucharov – Pilot Hailing from Bulgaria is one of the world’s most exceptional and well recognized pilots in Acro and XC. With flying experience in Asia, Europe, South America and Africa. Holding personal record in acrobatic 249 Tumblings. Director and protagonist in the Infinity Himalaya film. Veso is going to attempt world record for altitude in Pakistan with the new Sinergy 5 glider from Sol Paragliders.     Petko Gylchev – Producer, Director and Cinematographer Petko is a famous movie director in Europe. He has an extensive experience in various film productions, especially documentaries. He worked with Veso Ovcharov on the project Infinity Himalaya. He is going to be responsible for the documenting of the Pakistan expedition capturing some unique moments in the highest HD quality.         Hristo Slivkov – Tandem Pilot Hristo is one of the most experienced PG pilots and Mountain Rescue Service people in Bulgaria. He will be flying the Tandem glider Kangaro 3 by SOL Paragliders during the expedition.        

Stefan Iliev - Photographer

A Bulgarian photographer who was a part of the project Infinity Himalaya. Stefan has a rear talent as a photographer. His passion about this art has taken him all over the world  - from the most famous destinations to the some remote and undiscovered place.           Special thanks to :