Norway Vertigo Voss edition of Extreme Week Veko in Voss start with the best weather conditions and provide good vibes  to all the sports especially to paragliding, the competition in Acro  was happening in 3 solo runs and the first 3 places wore taken by: Francois, Ondrej and Veso. After the comp new doors was open with the good weather and we went t fly in the famous fiords for some stunning acro and some BASE. more photos and videos will be shared soon  :) 27.06.2015 At the end of the week we had a total blast, wining the expresion session with Ondrej as well flying and jumping some epic locations in the fiords. Visited the wing suit race in Gudvagen where we hike to the top low coast for 2h. and  watch the race with spectacular view,  lots of amazing pilots, legents and friends wore taking part, like  Carson  Klein who end second. After the race we did one fun jump together with our bro Kennio Dominguez from Brazil and Kris from France. Directly after we whent to Aurland where we find sun and termals in the afternon and score 1h. flight over waterfals and clifs trowng some acro down special as a dream... See some of the moments below in pictures, video is coming soon.