Europe season 2013 Start :)

08.07.2013 A bit late, just before the Acro competition season, I start my trip to Europe. ¬†With big mix of different filings after our last Project in Pakistan... Luckily the weather, nature and all the friends welcome me with big smiles :) Currently open new big door which been waiting such a long time... ¬†Thanks to my good ¬†friend Petar Loncar (SRB) ¬†I finally get the real freedom feeling, letting it GO with just one BASE parachute from paragliding tandem. This is perhaps the begging of my dream which is heading only one way - Wing suit from cliffs :) More is about to come stay turned and keep the good vibes :)   09.07.2013 Another day leaving free with some good friends like Emil Tzolov - Robota, my brother Naso and bunch of other great people we had amazing day, 5 Acro flights and 1 PG BASE...       12.07.2013 The first day of the comp start with wake up PG BASE for me thanks to Petar Loncar ¬†again :) ¬†after that we had long day doing the solo run.. I was last in the order list which make me laugh long time on the take off with all crazy birds passing around.. :D Finally I did my run with one mistake during the flight and place ¬†10th Good vibes and cheers from the camp !