Dolomiti Acro Cross

Dolada Rifugio from FLYTHEEARTH on Vimeo. One of the oldest dreams is been, to use just one glider for all the forms of free flying, that is what inspire the upcoming project here in the Alps. Since years we been doing separately the disciplines in  Paragliding sport, which give us the drive to combine the most exciting one's in to one ultimate and enjoyably at every stage: Acro & Coss Target is to cover decent distance over 100km. and to at list 10 acro maneuvers during the route. The main difference between the  regular disciplines like "Cross Country'', "Acrobatics" and the new  "Acro Cross'' is: 1.  just normal open harness with one resque 2. 17 /sqm. Acro wing 3. no flying instruments: no vario, no GPS! (except the tracing device which proof the flight) 4. Places of doing the maneuvers is not over a valleys or lakes, it is going to b preformed over mountain, most probably over vertical cliffs etc. 24.07.2015 The weather push us to go deeper in the Dolomites where we scout some of the turn points for the acro-cross project. 04.08.2015 Back in Rifugo Dolada with some low cloud base and some cool flights with big gliders Dolomite's Acro - Cross from FLYTHEEARTH on Vimeo. Segment of the flight we are chasing here in the Italian Alps #RedBull #RooBar #SolParagliders #ActionCam #Sony #Stenata