Cross Country Big Distance

Day after the infinity record attempt the weather clicks good for another record attempt this time national distance cross country. Veso was forced to drive all the way to the North east part of the country with the help of his twin brother Naso he manage to get there. Despite the physical exhaustment he was also was having all brand new equipment : Harness and Wing! As you can imagine is not a perfect combination :) to attempt record with no training, totally beat up physically and having brand new equipment. However the chance is to rare to miss it and Veso set up as fat as possible to do the flight. Unfortunately he lose some time with preparing all the new equipment and manage to take off a bit late 11:50am  Start the flight with amazing thermal climb  6.5m. + cloud base 2200m. wind in the back 25km per hour - Dream conditions!  Had just few difficult sections with overcast shadows and 3 close bombouts. he landed at the end of the day after 326km - only 10 short from setting new record :( Aee the flight here: Link   See some moments from the flight: