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Sony is supporting us with cutting edge camera technology / photo and video, perfectly suitable for extreme sports.

Sol is one of the leaders in the production of paragliders based in Brasil.
The company is supporting numerous of world athletes, including Veso Ovcharov since 2007.

PAMIFID SA is a company based in Swiss working in the field of real estate and art.

XCOSports company is a renowned shop and importer of the most quality outdoor equipment in Bulgaria. The suport of XCOSoprt for Veso Ovcharov is various equipment regarding the type of the project / expedition.

Aqua is one of the biggest company making Swimming pools equipment based in Italy. AQUA has been supporter of Veso Ovcharov in the past with part of his calendar budget.

STENATA – One of the first and recognised outdoor equipment shops in Bulgaria, STENATA have supplied Veso with various outdoor equipment.

Unecosport is a world famous company making huge projects while keeping the sustainable environment philosophy. In the Past UniecoSport was supporting Veso Ovcharov with his calendar budget.

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