Acro tandem

Acrobatic tandem flight.

Duration: 5-15 min.
Height: 500-2000m
Pressure: 0G – 4G

Panorama tandem flight

Panorama flight over some of the most beautiful natural sights in Bulgaria – Vitosha, Rila, Konyovo, Sopot. The prices include transport to the location.

Duration: 5-30 min.
Height: 500-2000m

Cross country flight

Long duration flight.

Duration: 45-80 min.
Height: 500-3200 m.
Distance: 10-70 km.

Begginers course

Ten day long course for begginers including theory, practice from a traning hill and flights in the mountain.



Three day long course including 6-9 flights with denivelation of 1300 to 1400 meters above water.

During the three day course the pilots will be training:

  • Asymmetric Tucks
  • Full Frontal Tucks
  • B Line Stalls
  • Spirals
  • Pitch Control (dolphining)
  • Full Stalls
  • Spin
  • Wingovers

Duration: 3 days
Amount of flights: 6-9 flights
Height of flights: 1300-1400m

Thermic flight course

Five day long course with intensive training in thermic flight..

Duration: 45-80 min.
Height: 500-3200 m.
Distance: 10-70 km.

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